A graphic novel is a type of comic book usually with a long and complex storyline similar to those of novels. The term also encompasses comic short story anthologies, and in some cases bound collections of previously published comic book series.

Graphic novels are often published in a better format than the comic magazines, using the same materials and methods as printed books, and are generally sold in bookstores and specialty comic book shops rather than at newsstands.


V for Vendetta is a ten-issue comic book series written by Alan Moore and illustrated mostly by David Lloyd, set in an anti-utopian future United Kingdom  imagined from the 1980s to about the 1990s. A mysterious revolutionar who calls himself "V" works to destroy the totalitarian government, profoundly affecting the people he encounters. 
Warner Bros. released a film adaptation of V for Vendetta in 2006.
The series shows a near-future UK after a nuclear war, which has left much of the world destroyed, though most of the damage to the country is indirect, via floods and crop failures. In this future, a fascist party called "Norsefire" has exterminated its opponents in concentration camps and now rules the country as a police state. "V", an  anarchist revolutionary dressed in a Guy Fawkes mask, begins an elaborate, violent, and intentionally theatrical campaign to murder his former captors, bring down the government, and convince the people to rule themselves.


Torpedo, or Torpedo 1936, is a Spanish comics series written by Enrique Sánchez Abulí and drawn by Jordi Bernet, which depicts the adventures of the antagonistic character Luca Torelli, a heartless hitman (killer), and his sidekick (friend) Rascal, in context of the violent organized crime culture of New York during the Great Depression era.
The series was originally developed by Abulí and veteran artist Alex Toth, who drew the first two stories in 1981. The collaboration ended when Toth decided he did not share Abulí's darkly humorous view of mankind, and withdrew from the project. He was then replaced by Jordi Bernet, whose gritty, if stylized, artistic style was well suited for the dark and violent subject matter.
The albums were translated into several languages. The public response to the series became substantial, and it was awarded with the 1986 Angoulême Best Foreign Album Award.


The Originals is a graphic novell by Dave Gibbons, published in 2004 by Vertigo Comics.
The story deals with members of youth subcultures resembling the Mods and Rockers of 1960s England. However, although the setting is mostly identical to post-World War II England, it is an unspecificed alternative history where the characters ride on hoovering scooters and motorcycles.
Much of the story focuses on violent conflicts between the Originals and their enemies, a gang of bikers which they call "the Dirt." In particular, the Originals and the Dirt battle one another in circumstances very similar to the Second Battle of Hastings.


Wanted is a comic book limited series written by Mark Millar, with art by J. G. Jones.
It was published by Top Cow in 2003 and 2004 as part of Millarworld.
It features an amoral protagonist who discovers he is the heir to a career as a supervillain assassin in a world where such villains have secretly taken control of the planet.
The Sunday Times dubbed the title "The Watchmen for super-villains."
A film adaptation, very loosely based on the comic, was released on June 27, 2008. It was directed by Timur Bekmambetov and starred James McAvoy, Angelina Jolie and Morgan Freeman. The film focuses on a league of self-righteous assassins rather than super-villains.


Benjamin Earl King (born September 28, 1938), better known as Ben E. King, is an American soul singer. He is perhaps best known as the singer and co.composer of "Stand by Me", a U.S. Top 10 Hit  in both 1961 and 1986 and a  # 1 hit in the UK in 1987, and as one of the principal lead singers of the R&B vocal group The Drifters.